Isuzu ISL color run

Yo yo yo everyone i’m back again so as you can tell by the title once again the color run came up again and as i have for 3 years in a row i won again. I  really struggled this year but i did it and i got there my mom was there to support me through out of the run she even walked the last lap with me because at the end my legs could not even move anymore but like i said before i got there. So i got my third medal and also my other friend Saoirse invited me to her house for a play date and i went and that same day me and her were also going for a ten kilometer run and me and her both got medals  it was so fun and i did not even fell any pain it went so fast. Oh and just to let you know the next time i will update will probably be within one month because i am going to the U.K over the summer break and i cant wait o i will update you

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hey if you saw the last post when i was talking about my bff here are some photos of us together in roma and lilayi if you have not read my last post look forimg_1728 the title BFF’S IN ZAMBIA. IMG_1013.JPG

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hey everyone what sup i hope everyone is okay and i have not done anything for just over a year now so lets catch, we have SO much to catch up on. So lets start with my best friend coming to Zambia she was so brave she flew on a plane all alone and stayed without her mum in a different country for 2 weeks. Her name is Sophie grace repton she has been my best friend since i was 4 and we have lived on the same street and when i moved to Zambia saying goodbye was 1 of the hardest thing i had to do.So when she came here it was so fun we went to this place called Roma park like almost everyday we swam and played on the slide and did much more we also went to this hotel called raddison blu we also went to this place called lilayi lodge it is a lodge which has animals that wonder around the whole place. 

this is roma park

Image result for roma retreat zambia

this is lilayi lodge

Image result for lilayi lodge


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ISUZU Ultra Marathon…

Hello Friends….

After brilliant Easter break and excitement of Livingstone, I am struggling a little to get back into my school routine. Goodbye to late nights and staying in bed until midday. Hello 05:30 wake up calls, school and homework. This is depressing. I am already looking forward to summer holidays.

However, not everything is doom and gloom. In fact there, recently, there has been a good splash of colour in my life.

Last Saturday, Dad and I have signed up for Isuzu Ultra Marathon and guess what? I actually have won!!!

OK, I must admit, I didn’t actually run a Marathon distance but I have chosen a less challenging option of a three hour colour run. All I had to do is to run as far as possible within 3 hours whilst spectators were throwing colour powder at us. It was brilliant fun.

I have managed to cover 19 kilometres in 3 hours. Dad decided to avoid colour throwing crowd and therefore managed to go a bit further and has managed 28 kilometres. I could have gone further but Dad was finished. He was almost crawling. Can I just add that we were running in 27 C heat. Not easy.


I have actually gone further distance than anyone in girls and boys category group! I have received a trophy and a shiny medal.

Tomorrow, I am off on a school trip to Kafue National Park, which is the second biggest National Park in Africa. We will be staying for two days the New Kalala Camp, and I am really excited!!! Hopefully we will see some nice animals!!! Photos to follow up after the trip so keep checking the blog!!!!


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Raining on a sunny day…

After waiting for what felt like ages, Easter break has finally arrived, and along with it, my trip to Livingstone. At first I was not that excited because I thought we were visiting a boring old waterfall and there will be nothing else to do. I was wrong.

So last Friday we have set off, and instead of driving for six hours, Mum and Dad decided to play posh and fly. Not a long flight at all, just a short hop to the south of Zambia on a tiny 25 seat plane. That was the first excitement of my trip because unlike a big airliner, this plane was all over the place and we had a really fun rollercoaster ride due to some turbulence on the way. I loved it. Best flight ever!


Our hotel was located in the middle of Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park, right on the banks of the Zambezi River. Not your standard kind of hotel. There were signs everywhere informing visitors of Crocs, hippos, snakes roaming the hotel grounds. In fact, we have seen quite a few hippos and crocs, but fortunately no snakes. I hate snakes.


On the second day of our trip we went to see Victoria Falls and believe me, it was amazing.  It’s nearly 2 miles wide and the falling water makes thundering sound, creating huge cloud of mist that turns into really heavy rain that is blown in all directions by the wind. We got absolutely soaked, but it was so much fun. This place is really different from anywhere else I have seen. My favourite bit is rain on a sunny day, because near the fall feels like a really heavy downpour but once you get away it sunny and hot again. Hard to describe.


Besides the falls, there is a really old bridge that links Zambia with Zimbabwe.  The best thing about Livingstone bridge is all great fun activities that you can do, like for example 111 meters bungee jump. I was too young for that, but I was allowed to do zip wire slide over the gorge. Dad has done it with me and he was absolutely terrified! He was screaming like a school girl all the way. That was brilliant!


Dad and I went to see the boiling point, which is right at the bottom of the falls, so really walk down and even longer walk up. On the way we got chased by a big Baboon. These are definitely not friendly monkeys. They actually bark and make all sort of scary noises when you come too close to them.

Please have a look at my pictures. I had a really good time and I you ever have a chance, go and see for your self. You will love it!

That’s it for now friends, and thanks for reading.


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Crying in the night…

Hello Friends,

You will be pleased to hear that I have more exciting news from Zambia, and boy have a got something special for you!

So, yesterday evening, I was sitting and watching Life on Mars, (GREAT SHOW BY THE WAY) with Mum and Dad when all of the sudden we started to hear faint crying noise coming from the garden. At first we thought it was the neighbours little baby, but it was a little weird for a baby so Daddy was despatched to investigate.

Shortly after Dad was yelling for us to come and see the source of the mystery sound.  I could not believe my eyes when I saw tiny little frog, not larger than dads thumb nail, making crying noises because Nipper, our dog, was trying to get it.

Of course me and dad have rescued the little creature, but before we have set it free we shot a short video because it was so unusual that we had to document it. We still have not found out what this was. Please don’t be alarmed by the stone poking the frog, as I can assure everyone that no animals have been hurt or injured in the making of this video. In fact we have rescued the little critter from the dog, which would have definitely killed it.

Please see the video on the link attached below!!! Just copy it to your browser.

If anyone out there knows what this creature is, please let me know.

Other than that, everything else on Zambian front is fine and steady. Guess what though? The rains are finished!!!! In a way this is good because weather was a little unpredictable, and occasionally gloomy, but dry season has got my dad worried due to his recently discovered passion for gardening. He is so sadL

Additionally, the end of rainy season has made me realize that I have been in Zambia for 6 months now. The time has flown by so quickly.

Great news!!! Victoria Falls, here I come!!! We are flying off to Livingstone for a short Easter holiday, so be prepared for a full update upon my return.  Mum and Dad have booked us to a lovely place right on the banks of Zambezi River and I can’t wait to see the falls and animals around there, because it is in the middle of National Park.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned in for more updates from Zambia.

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Bring me sun shine….

Howzit Friends? Just in case you are wondering what is the meaning of the above greeting, its basically Hello in South African. This is just one of many strange words they use like Braai which means BBQ or Bakkie for a pickup truck. Quite confusing at first but i think i am getting a grasp of it. Anyway got Grandma on Skype this afternoon to catch up on things back home and i was told that snow was falling all around and winter is in full swing. For a moment a i got a little jealous as i kind of miss sledging and snowman making but than i have realised something. As great as snow is the excitement lasts for a day or two. After that its just slush, gloom and cold. What i have realised that i am in a place that can offer so much more. OK, so I have to get out of bed at 5:30 to get to school for 7 o`clock start, yes the traffic is horrific but when the weekend comes I could not ask for a better place to be. For example, this afternoon Dad has made a nice Braai, whilst I was cooling off in the back garden pool with a good mate from school. Sun was shining, water was cool and food tasty. No homework in site and not a care in the world. What could be better? Do you get my point? Africa rocks!!! 172 Tomorrow will be another great day. By the way, check out the local version of KFC. Pay attention to the chicken. Is that funny or what? I just cant stop chuckling when I see it. Food is as good as the sign. But please don’t think we are backward here. Zambia actually has large number of real KFC outlets. The only thing missing is Mc Donald’s. Anyone wants to start it here? I would be your best customer. 170 Whilst we are on the restaurant subject, check the picture below. This antelope has just wandered in whilst we were have a dinner in a local restaurant. How cool is that? 146 Before I forget, I must mention the inter school netball tournament. I have played GA and had a good day. My school (International School of Lusaka) won 2 out of 3 games and finished second. Go ISL!!! Easter Hols are coming soon and I am really looking forward to a break. Mum and Dad are thinking of going either to Lake Malawi (that’s in Malawi) or Victoria Falls. Either one is fine with me and I can’t wait. Lookout for the updates and keep reading the Blog.

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News From Lusaka…

Hello Friends!

Greetings from sunny Zambia!

Sorry for not posting any updates on the blog for such a long time, but somehow I have become more settled in Lusaka and things that at first were a little strange and worth mentioning, now seem normal, even though they would still be considered weird in other places.

Before I write about anything else I must say congratulations to His Excellency  President Edgar Lungu. He has become sixth president of Zambia after winning last month elections. Following long and exhausting campaign he is now on working holidays. Must be fun to be the president.

Some people predicted that violence and rioting will be widespread during the elections, but we were pleasantly surprised by smooth and trouble free process. Long live Edgar and well done Zambians!!!

Guess what? Rains are still here and there is no end in sight. Sometimes it rains from early morning, through the day and even through the night. On such days it’s really gloomy and miserable, but cool so I am not complaining. My Zambian chums are already suffering from the effects of cold weather (never lower than 20 degrees). Everyone is wearing thick jackets, woolly jackets and hats just like back home. I wonder what they will be wearing in June or July when the temperatures really drop down??? Apparently it gets as cold as 5 degrees at night. Can’t wait!!!

Although Zambia no longer surprises me as it did when I first arrived, occasionally it still manages to throw a thing or two that makes me chuckle.

For example bus stop next to my parent’s office. Outside Africa, no one would come near it but here it will serve for another 10 years at least. Have a look below, you will love it!


Another example is one of the local restaurants. I have never eaten there but I guess the menu doesn’t have much choice on it. Need to pop in for a bite some time soon.


Another example is drink driving. At least back home people hide it, here no one cares. Just have a look at the picture I have posted below. This picture was taken at 16:00 outside our local supermarket. Really funny!


Last weekend I went on a cross country competition with my school and finished 21st out of 64. I must admit; it was really hard work. The course was quite long (1500 meters) and temperature was in high 20`s. Park Run in Heaton Park on Saturday morning with my dad was much easier.


I am playing on school Netball Team and next Monday we are playing in a competition against other local schools. It will be tough as some of the Zambian girls are really good. You should see how high they can jump!! It’s impossible to compete with them.

Anyway friends, that is all for now but I promise to post more regular updates from LSK, so keep your eyes peeled!



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Ho, Ho, Ho….

Hello Everyone, 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

Firstly, a quick update on my birthday bash. It was epic! Cocktails (non alcoholic of course) were awesome and plenty, cake sweet and the swimming pool was nice & cool. I have invited some of my school friends and my neighbour. The neighbour was a bit of a mistake really since she can’t swim and pool party was an accident waiting to happen. After 10 seconds in she has nearly drowned and had to be rescued by my dad! The rest of the party went well and we had good time swimming and messing around. I got some lovely presents including brand new bike from Mum and Dad! It has 24 gears which are pretty hard to learn, but I am getting better every day. 


Christmas was a little quiet but nice and relaxing. On Christmas Eve we stayed at home and had a nice dinner, expertly prepared by my Dad. After that we set of some of the dodgy Chinese fireworks which we have bought from the street sellers. It was good fun. As usual dad had few drinks and was insisting on holding the fireworks in his hand. Not very clever.

Santa has managed to sneak in again without being seen, but I was not that bothered once I have found the presents under the tree. I got loads of presents again like a full snorkelling set, Cluedo and lots of different bits and bobs, but by far my favourite is X-box Kinnect + my favourite game Mine Craft!!!! 

Christmas Day we went for a dinner at the Taj Pamodzi Hotel. The food was good, but it was very chaotic and they had a worst dressed Santa in the world! His beard was coming off every couple of seconds and belly was sagging like bag of spuds! He was accompanied by a very annoying elf who kept ringing a bell for around 30 minutes nonstop. After that we have had a really lovely, lazy day by the pool, eating and drinking.


The rainy season in really on and check what as I said before some wonderful creatures are out. Just look at the picture of this tree frog I have found in my garden! It’s really tiny, so small that it easily fitted on the tip of my little finger. If you know, let me know what kind of frog that is. 


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Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Hi All

It has been a long while since my last post but we have been very busy lately and I simply not had a chance to write anything.

So many reasons to celebrate, I don’t know where to start!!!

Firstly, Santa will be visiting soon, and the whole of Zambia is gearing up for the celebrations.  According to my local sources (our gardener), this is supposed to be family oriented holiday, just like back in England. Personally I suspect this will be just another opportunity to get drunk and eat loads of food.  Just like home!

Secondly, my 9th birthday is on Saturday and I can’t wait! I have invited few friends from school and also my neighbour. First we are going to the cinema to watch Night in the Museum 3 and after we will be going for a bite to eat. This will be good fun! Oh, I forgot to add, lots of prezzies of course!!! On Thursday was my last day of school and it took in a birthday cake. Everyone was really nice. My dad said that I am just trying to milk it and get two celebrations out of one birthday. I think he just doesn’t want to spend the money! Scrooge.

Mum and Dad have booked us into a posh hotel for Christmas Day. They have an exciting programme which includes Gala Dinner, swimming and activities for bored little kiddies like me.

Although delayed, the rains have now started for sure. It rains very heavily almost everyday and we are getting a lot of heavy thunderstorms. Lots of lightning and thunder too. The rain has refreshed the country and its getting a little cooler. Instead 35 degrees, we are now getting comfortable 25-27 degrees during the day and really cool but humid nights. Lots of insects too. Occasionally we get outbreaks of weird flies that are attracted to the light, so you will have a nasty surprise if you leave your lights on. Somehow these things can get in through locked windows! I will take a video and post it at some point.

Last weekend I went to the elephant orphanage to see baby elephants. They are so cute and clumsy! It was a good fun. After that we went to the safari lodge for the day out and whilst my mum was sun bathing, my dad and I were chasing Warthogs. They are so funny!


I almost forgot. My dad went for a run last Saturday and a snake has crossed his path. It’s a proper jungle out here! He said it was a spitting Cobra but I think he is just saying that to scare me.

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